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Denis Zanin a.k.a. "dezese"


Denis Zanin is a journalist, researcher and developer, currently based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Since 2002, I have been working with IT, developing solutions in different computers environments. Circa 2008, I started to write and work as a freelancer journalist, covering all kinds of topics but mostly IT stuff. Soon after Snowden's revelations about worldwide digital surveillance, I began to research about privacy, between GOVs and PRIV sectors Big Brothers eyes surveillance, concerns and how can Journalism work under those watches to gather and gate technical information to mainstream, and also, how "The User" can be protected against Big Data. Curious? Mail me.


Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and French, on any of these languages I'm able to answer to you.



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smith.w [at] 6x79 [dot] org


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SEE ALSO is my personal blog in Portuguese, my native language. Over there, you can find a lot of information about privacy and tech stuff, including transcribed seminars that I talked about those issues.

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